Civil Works


The civil works is focused in six areas 1. Head works, 2. Head Race Tunnel, 3. Penstock Anchor Block, 4. Power house, 5. Switchyard and 6. Access Road to Power House. The civil works for intake comprising of weir, intake, under sluice and gravel trap  at 3338 m is complete. There are 5 connecting pipe anchor blocks (AB 1, AB 2, AB 3, AB 4, AB 5) between bell mouth intake to feeder tunnel. The construction work for all the 5 Anchor Blocks is complete. Excavation, soling and invert concrete of the underground feeder tunnel is complete. The joint section to connect the feeder tunnel with the connecting pipe remains. There are two Desander Bays (D1 and D2). Each Desander Bay is divided into 3 sections: Inlet Gate, Transition and Hopper Section, and Outlet Gate. The excavation for headpond is complete. This section can only be further initiated once D2 concreting is complete. Concreting can only be initiated after erection of HM gates and flushing pipes. The expected time for completion is end of May, 2022. The excavation for flushing tunnel is complete. The remaining works will be completed after the installation of the flushing pipe.  The excavation for headrace tunnel is complete. Grouting and invert cleaning work is complete. There are 18 Anchor Blocks (AB 1 – AB 18). The construction of all the Anchor Block is complete besides AB 1, AB 2, AB 17 and AB 18. AB 1 and 2 will be initiated once the penstock is erected in this section. It was delayed due to the breakdown of ropeway. Currently work is ongoing for AB 18 and vertical penstock section. This section is very critical and the priority is to complete this task by mid-April. Once this section is complete, work on AB 17 will be initiated which will take 15 days to complete. The civil works inside the Powerhouse (PH) and tailrace is complete. In mid of Jan, 2022 two diesel Generators (62.5 KVA and 125 KVA) were procured. After completing the civil works inside in PH; it has been cleaned and is ready for EM installation team. Also, the drilling, anchoring & rebar works in branched penstock is complete and concreting in the area has started which will be completed by March end for all three units.